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helping musicians and other creatives,

through coaching and big picture planning,

to get clarity on the next best steps, build their creative practice,

and to remember why they chose this life in the first place...

so they can be confident, breathe easy

and build a sustainable, successful career


about me

I believe it’s possible to live a creative life without a constant struggle.

My goal is to help you get a clear sense of where you find yourself right now, pinpoint where you want to be and help you remember why you started doing all this in the first place.

Together, we'll map out a path from a to b, so that you can take that deep and satisfying breath of calm, right to the bottom of your lungs, knowing you've got a plan.




Coaching can help bring clarity around your deepest dreams and desires, creating an achievable plan to work towards, while having those dreams be at the forefront of every single decision you make. 

Empowering you to get clear about what it is that you bring to the world, I will help you learn how to carve out space and paths in your life so you can build a sustainable career.

Rock Balancing

With an eye to making money, I can help plan the financials of your project or career, so you will feel like you still have space in your schedule to focus your energy on creating and making art.​

Together we'll discover and choose all the best tools to help you to create a life where your values are a part of everything you do and everything you surround yourself with.​.. tools that are effective and sustainable for you long term, making sense all along the way.

Trowel and Soil
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